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About Us:


    Carl U. Eggleston & Company Funeral Service has two locations, Carl U. Eggleston Funeral Establishment, (pictured below lower left), is located in South Main Street Farmville across from the Robert R. Moton Museum (from which Mr. Eggleston graduated in June, 1969), and Oliver & Eggleston Funeral Establishment in Crewe, VA.

    In August, 1977, Mr. Eggleston passed the National Funeral Service and Embalmers board, and in May 1978 he passed the Virginia Funeral Directors and Embalmers Board.

E. B. Allen

Edward F. Mimms, Sr.

Edward T. F. Mimms, Jr.

Mark H. Oliver
    Carl Eggleston comments that ...."the funeral directors above have inspired my life as a mortician, and are responsible for any success that I might have."

   E. B. Allen; "Who got me started in the funeral service."
   Edward F. Mimms. Sr.;  "Allowed me to serve my apprenticeship in the funeral service."
   Edward T. F. Mimms, Jr. "Funeral service training supervisor."
   Mark H. Oliver; "Gave me additional training in the funeral service."

[Picture of Exterior of the Farmville Location]
    He then went on to serve in a managerial capacity with three established funeral homes before opening his own business in 1983.
    Carl, (pictured above right), is a licensed funeral director and embalmer, as well as a notary public.
    In 1984 he received recognition as an Outstanding Young Man of America. In that same year, he was awarded the Citizen of the Year award by the Kappa Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Listed below are all of his many affiliations.
  • President and CEO, Carl U. Eggleston and Company, Farmville, Virginia
  • Manager, Carl U. Eggleston Funeral Establishment, Farmville, Virginia
  • Manager, Oliver and Eggleston Funeral Home, Crewe, Virginia
  • Member, Farmville Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Crewe - Burkeville Chamber of Commerce
  • AAS Degree, John Tyler Community College
  • Former President of Southside Funeral Directors
  • Member, Virginia Mortician Association
  • 1997 "Mortician" of the Year, Southside Virginia Funeral Directors
  • Member, National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association
  • Member of Virginia Independent Funeral Directors Association
[Picture of Barbara Ann Eggleston]
[Picture of Carl U. Eggleston, Jr.]
[Picture of Ruth S. Eggleston]
    Carl is married to former Barbara Nunnally of Burkeville, Va, (pictured above left), a teacher in the Prince Edward County school system. They are parents to one son, Carl U. Eggleston, Jr. (pictured above center). Vice President of the company is Ruth S. Eggleston pictured (above right).


[Picture of Henry H. Oliver] [Picture of Nannie B. Oliver] [Picture of Mark H. Oliver]
    The Oliver Funeral Home, located in Crewe, VA, was founded in 1912 by Henry H. Oliver, (pictured above left), and his wife Nannie, (pictured above center). Their son, Mark H. Oliver, (pictured above right), carried on the tradition until his death in 1981.
    After Mark's death Thurman Oliver continued the funeral business until his death in 1989. That year, Carl U. Eggleston took over the business and renamed it Oliver & Eggleston Funeral Establishment.
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    Published November 2004

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